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I could NOT log in. Sent in a separate report.
This is the reply to your suggestion that I open from File menu of 7 zip program. Thank you for your concern and efforts to help me.

The message:

The 7zip download left an 'exe' icon on screen.
Clicked open and installed 7 zip.
The installation did NOT leave a short cut on screen.
Went to 'Programs' and opened it.
It opened with a window entitled Computer showing 'free space' etc.
Your advise to click open from 'file menu' brings on a popup window
with large red circle and a white 'x' mark in it saying: "Exception Processing Message . . . etc.
This goes away only when clicked thrice on the 'cancel' button.
Here is a copy of the 1st 5 menu items shown in 'Help' of 7 zip.

System Submenu with menu commands from system shell

Open Enter Open current item

Open Inside Ctrl+PgDn Open current item as folder inside 7-Zip

Open Outside Shift+Enter Open current item in new window

Edit F4 Open selected item with editor
The 'help' is the user's guide and it is not helpful at all.

Now what do I do to unzip the files?

Could it be my laptop is unable to process this method of unzipping ?

I am depending n your advise.

Thank you,
ben aloysius

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