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Default Sometimes this works...

See if you can find the icon in the sys32 folder. Or download WinPatrol.exe, install and allow it to determine what files are loading. Look for that icon. Have Scotty kill it if necessary.

If it is an icon, most likely it has the *.jpg or *.cur extension. Change the extension to .txt and save, then open it up as a text file or only have a partial extention like jump.dl_ This works for most any file which you do not know the extension for. You are not interested in anything but the top lines of script where the whole name of the complete file will be found. I just opened a *.jpg and found "'File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0" and since it was an image file, look to Adobe for extension hints.

Then go to google and insert a search for that file...that will refer you to the program...if it is a safe prog, deal with it at your level, if it is a hitch-hiker find a good delete program.

eg. maple.cu_ -> change to maple.txt and open it will find maple.cur in the first line of script at the top.

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