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After 14 hours Straight and much coffee, I;m almost to where I should have been on the original Computer Build.

To anyone contimplating a Dual Boot Setup, I would recommend installing Vista first. If you are using more than 3 gigs of Ram, dig up the windows update you need to correct this before continuing (using just 2 gigs of your ram) This is one of the reasons I temporarily installed XP in the first place.

I used Kill Disk to eradicate the drives XP were on and disconnected them from the motherboard. Unfortunately this made Vista Unrepairable. There must have been some of the boot info on the XP drive, probably due to it being the first install. (I guess maybe I;m wrong about the Unrepairable, but after 4 different attempts using the Vista install disk, I gave up)

I started from scratch with one drive, installed Vista and updated it. I then disconnected it and reconnected the drive for XP and installed and updated it. I then had to disconnect it, reconnect the Vista Drive and run repair off the Vista Disk. I then had to download EasyBCD and manually enter the settings for the XP drive, reconnected the XP drive and voila!, Dual Boot is Alive!.

I then connected my 2 data drives, reformatted the one I used Kill disk on.

Now my drive paths are the way they should be, unfortunately I still have the multitude of setting up and program installs to go through.

I;m amazed at all the articles on how easy it is to setup a dual boot set up, and also amazed at how little there is on how difficult it is to remove one.

Thanks for your assistance on this one!

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