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Originally Posted by William_Wilson View Post
Yes your laptop clearly meets the minimum standards for XP, so that is not an issue.

flashing the bios will usually only replace with the default settings, etc, other than removing any custom settings and updates you may have, it does no real harm.

I would suggest trying a win98 boot floppy since that drive works. Use that to load the OS installation from the drive. It still avoids DOS, but it acts as if that step was present. If that doesn't work I came across this:
Simple "ntldr is missing" fix with boot floppy or CD, then fix HD
in my many searches to solve such problems. Perhaps this will help for you as well.
Thanks for the response. Unfortunately this method did not work
I ended up flashing the BIOS, although it was an older version :/ the good thing was that it reset all the settings and its now giving me an option to network boot (it didn't before for some reason, it was disabled and wouldn't let me change it.) Are there any good links for guides to install over the network? I need an "idiot's guide" to network boot to install windows. Thanks in advance.