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Default Deleting Fire Fox entry

Fire Fox Community

Many months back, over 6 months, I tried Fire Fox, and uninstalled it after a week or 10 days. But an entry called 'Fire Fox Community' simply refused to get away from the 'Add/Remove' section of my system.
Most of the forums i visited and asked for help told me that 'it is normal for some residuals to be left behind when a program is uninstalled'.
My 'landlord mentality' wouldn't accept this situation. I wanted Fire Fox to leave with all its baggages.
Once again, Sys Chat told me to have Easy Cleaner. Or was it C/Net?
Anyway, downloaded Easy Cleaner and tried it this morning. Prompted by a whim, I selected 'Fire Fox Comunity' and clicked 'delete'.
A flash . . . it was gone !
? Please explain how this was possible for Easy Cleaner when others like CCleaner and company could not perform.
? Or was it that I did not try with other cleaners.

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