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Originally Posted by squirrelnmoose View Post
I'm not sure what box's you unchecked under the Startup tab. If you aren't sure which ones you need search google or the link below for the name of the file starting, eg: acrotray.exe .

Or use the free trial I suggested before, uninstall it when the trial period runs out if you don't intend to buy it at that time. There are similar programs out there for free, but none that I've tried that show you information about the file so you can determine if it's needed or not.

If you want some further tweaks for performance visit Black Viper's OS Guides and go to the Services Configuration guide for your operating system.
Black Viper's Operating System Guides

Anytime you change msconfig it will prompt you to restart and display a message on start up that starup options have changed..., check the box not to display this message again.
Thanks friend, somehow or the other I don't want to use 'trial' period knowing i won't buy. Thanks to your valuable guidance my laptop is now working pretty well. Almost like my daughter's Desk Top that i used at the initial stages of my introduction to Internet. Reading your lengthy advises I realise how much of research you are doing b4 posting your entries. I just can't thank you enough.
Now that my laptop is in satisfactory working order, I wish to get onto the next item of uploading content to my blog site. I tried last night and am disappointed. In their list of supported web sites 'New Blogger' and 'Live Journal' are listed. When tried to register, only Live Journal was ok.
and for New Blogger they said, unceremoniously, 'sorry not yet'. Damn shame. Thanks again, ben

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