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Default Defrag on xp tiny in Windows

Thank you. You are right. The other versions are not 'free'. My trouble is I can't make payment for am retired, living with my married daughter and cannot make up my mind to ask her, have no bank account or credit card.
This being seated in front of the machine and staring at monitor till it loads got the better of me. Thought for myself: I don't use Office Word except to count words and hardly ever the Outlook for email and they are of nearly 200mb and Office Word is listed in Add/Remove.
Went into Add/Remove and uninstalled Office Word. Along with it Outlook too vanished w/o saying a word.
In my flounderings I came across FreeCommander. It brings on My Computer and Control Panel, Desk Top and My Documents in double quick time. And also shows the 'free disk space', now at 1.80 gb.
Now my laptop is turning out smartly. I don't use the short cuts on Desk Top to navigate as before. I make use of the 'free commander' and it is doing a superb job, I should say.
Thanks to SysChat and especially people like Sami and you I learnt a lot, have confidence to loiter about w/o slinking and am glad and grateful to you.

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