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Originally Posted by benzaloy View Post
In my 'My Documents' there is an item "cc_20071111_0931.reg".
When I tried to open it to see what it is: the options were:
'Merge' and 'Open with . . .' among others.
Not knowing what it would merge with I chose the 'Open with ...'
and the Dialog Box offered to open with 'Registry Editor'.
Again not knowing what Registry editor is and not wanting to
mess around in Registry, as advised by IT people, I closed down.
My Qn is:
1... what is this?
2... could this be occupying space in Hard Disk?
3... if it is deleted would it increase 'free space' in Hard Disk and
thereby enhance performance of my laptop?
4... am not being sarcastic, please, there is a Qn posed here re
'a friend's hcl laptap' ... is this a typing error or a new thing?
If 4 above is inappropriate here please delete it.
Thank you,
This is my 3rd attempt to see the advise posted for me according to the link i got through the email received from sys chat.

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