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Sound 0&0 defrag 2000

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
budget + hardware = windows
speshualy for tha audio junkie .. its tru

this is the one thig that truly makes me mad
Fragmentation (computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

this make me more sane = ::google:it!: O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware

its free
it will save ur hdd

pagefiles and ram disks aside

audio performance = contiguous-data
*Contiguity ="the blocks of each file are contiguous and in order"

as audio(+video) data - are this way

digital offers many advantages in editing and manipulation

because it works with in a system that abstracts from

if this is a consideration of the system design -performance = maximum
(close to at least )
if it is not considered in the system design/use -performance = minimum
(atbest! at worst los of data , hardware damage ect )

the lesons learnt dealing with audio as data
giv valuble insite in to
the implcations of system design
ther in data "flow" and asocated bottle necks

sloutions - are a trial an error , observation and reserch
100%+ system spasific and most often ther root cause is

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
the difference between the two
are, DOS and windows made hardware calls through "drivers" esentialy interpriters. and things get lost in translation.

UNIX, MAC, and LINUX make direct hardware calls, they have "drivers" but it is like teaching the os the language of the hard ware, without the use of dll`s.
that is why they have always been more stable.

microsoft are in deeeeeeepp denial over the above quote
..... vista is proof wher is the new file-system hmmmm


*fat32 smaller max file size (limitation of file system 4gb)


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