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trouble Direct x Trouble's

My computer tells me that i need to get direct3d 9 in order to use the screen saver that i have chosen . I chose a sort of on/off 3D move around start 2 hours after i walk away from the computer .
I have Windows Vista Home Edition 6 installed and the dxdiag shows that directX 10 is installed . I thought that direct3d 9ex came as part of X 10 . What do i need to do to make it work ?

I downloaded and installed the latest drivers for my NVIDIA GeForce 6150 Card .

I downloaded and installed these 2 ...did not help , i guess .Where are they supposed to be installed ?


I started to download the full directX 9 but gave up when i saw how big it is and i am only able to get dial-up 28 where i live .

Somebody said to Before you update your drivers, I recommend that you install DirectX 9.0b:
I think i did that and it did not help ...??

Any ideas of playing with computer settings or something come to mind ?

What would U do ?

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