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Default nice tutorial

Thanks for the tutorial. I have an issue and looking for help. I have XP Pro installed on a 40 GB disk on a laptop (IBM think pad T43). There is also one other thing that may be important but do not know. My XP installation has a disk encryption loaded on "safeboot" . I use partition magic 8 to resize the partition to 15 GB that has XP installed. I verify that XP still boots fine after the resizing is complete. While in XP I use Disk Management to create a new partition (name vista,D:\, NTFS, Primary, quick format, ~18GB). I then restart XP, still works. I start the vista install, boot from DVD (OEM version of Business), select install now, custom install, select disk named vista (18GB, D:\) and start getting the normal install stuff. I never get to point where the bootloader shows both "earlier version of windows" and Vista. Vista installs and low and behold when vista starts up (loads great), the vista install renames the 18GB drive to Vista, c:\ - completely erasing my XP stuff. I have tried this on a desktop, dual boot works fine (so I know the procedure works). Thanks for your help...


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