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yes you are right.
i am in the wrong here.
he does have some good points.
so i apologize to all that have been offended by my comments.

a little bit of history.
Bill Gates bought DOS from IBM for $1.
they weren`t going to pursue it because they realized it was a broken operatng system. or inferior.
there are all kinds of errors in the code to begin with.

and this is what windows was built on till NT came out.

bill put a pretty face on it and his marketing was better. how many of us use unix? the operating system that IBM did pursue. was the standard on server systems for years.

the difference between the two are, DOS and windows made hardware calls through "drivers" esentialy interpriters. and things get lost in translation.

UNIX, MAC, and LINUX make direct hardware calls, they have "drivers" but it is like teaching the os the language of the hard ware, without the use of dll`s.
that is why they have always been more stable.

and LINUX is GPL so for your average user downloading it and using it is free.
there is tons of free software that is pretty damn good. the wife and i both use xp, but we use open office for all the things that one would do in MS office, it will import and export to MS OFFICE with no problems. but windows will not do the same, and open office is free to use for the home user, and a small licensing fee for profesional organizations, under $200 with updates and support being offered. you still get the support being a home user, with no cost.

Trillian will interface seemlessly with ICQ, MSN, AIM and all the other point to point mesaging services, at the same time. in the same window. another liniux app that gets things done.

viruses? windows way to many to count, and growing everyday.
mac, still under 10. linux? i dont think that there are any yet? if someone knows i would like to know weather there are or not.

but as i have said before, with what i do, windows=problems. mac=high cost. linux=no programs or support for my high end hardware.

budget + hardware = windows

all the high end video editing houses have thrown out their macs and went linux a while back, i wish the same could be done for us audio guys as well.

more and more games are being written to run on linux, its as easy to use as windows and sets up just as easy, not like the old days, red hat 3, you really had to know your hardware and system to get it running right. now it is more intuitive, so anyone can set it up. you can even download and run versions off of cd or dvd and not have to have the os on a hard drive. the os can be assembled and options chosen as to what to run off of another os like windows. disk management tools are way more powerfull.

when setting up windows, i run knoppix ( runs off of a cd ) and format my drives to whatever partition i want.
has anyone here had DOS, win 98, linux and win 2000 running on the same system? i have. havent done it with xp yet, but then again i have to get things done, not play around with what windows won`t do. or better stated, what windows wont let you do.

i am running my XP on ntfs, and all my other drives are fat 32, it gives you better perfomance with audio apps believe it or not. even though i am running XP x64. XP x64 gives me better access to my ram, 4 gigs and better uses my dual core cpu. but then again, to get max usage out of you computer you have to do some playing with it.

ntfs is fine for most users, but fat 32 has better access, because of partition tables. not as many empty blocks. and some other mumbo jumbo i dont really understand, but i can run more tracks off of fat32 than off of ntfs. so fat 32 it is.

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