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Default Last word?

Could be...

What I liked about this meandering around was that no one took their bat and ball and went home I really respect you guys and gals that "know" what you are talking about, or at least talk a good line. One cannot help but learn as the maestros of varying talent duke it out...

I never took a single computer lesson of any kind...self-taught from the start and while suffering a number of mental disabilities Empirical evidence has been my mentor. I have reformatted my hard drives out of existance. If there was something stupid to have been done, I did it. It got to the point where I was obsessed with "controlling' the damn thing. I spent almost 48 hours once, trying to solve a real sick over it. Now, some 15 yrs later, I succeed 90% of the fairly short order. For the other 10% of the time, I go to the internet, and to places like SYSCHAT.

I know nothing about programming. My attitude, is that if programmers did it right in the first place, there would be no problems but that is my bias. e.g. I have asked repeatedly, for some time, all over the net, for someone to step up and solve the XP problem of saving folder options [check SysChat's archives under my handle] ...not one programmer came forward!...and the issue is rampant after using XP for a couple of years, or with later modifications to the SP1 version. Hundreds of users could have benefitted.

I too started out in DOS, and I too wish MS had left things alone, re: DOS, but they didn't and "we" users demanded, indirectly, that they abandon it. And, MS found it uneconomical to support it, and their mistakes in programming in their rush to the shelves...and with following versions of its OS's...thus the constant reduce the cost of assisting us. So, we are stuck with "all of our" mistakes, their bottom line, and the FACT that we now need to depend on each other for our survival. So, keep it civil...I need you guys to kiss and make nice

Sami: I did not do any of what was noted in the beginning...but one thing caught my eye: "Highlight the 'Explorer' folder. Then in the window to the right, 'Right-click' anywhere in the white space. Select 'New' > 'DWORD Value' and name it 'AlwaysUnloadDLL'. After creating the key, 'Right-click' on it and select 'Modify' and under 'Value data:' type '1'. Select 'OK' and close 'regedit'. Restart your machine."

I tried this, and the newly created D-word is impossible to create. My mistake? or what? To modify the key, you are given 0000_00_00_00_00 and no place to effectively put in a single "1." It cannot be done. Windows won't allow it. It says that that is an invalid entry. Don't shoot the messenger ...that's what it said. So, if do-able...what did I do wrong? Creating a new string value allows you to modify to "1." Is that what was meant?

Now, let's get back to HELPING each other...and put down our epe├ęs

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