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i started out breaking dos years ago.
then when win 3.1 came out i started tweaking till i broke it.
oh yeah, some things can really slow things down.
but in all the years of tweaking and breaking i have found that microsoft, although they wrote the software, did not write the bible on tweaking it.
thats just years of experience speaking.

yes windows is not a realtime os, neither is any other os for that matter. it takes time for things to happen, regardless of how fast the machine may be.
as for messing with the page file, ahh 1.5 times the ram is not windows controlled default, that is windows controlled max.

trust me, i have run audio apps for over ten years, windows default is not the way to go, i would never advise anyone trying to record large projects " just leave it alone, windows works best with its default settings ". what i do advise is " dont have it net enabled, and disable everything that runs in the background that "you" as a user don`t need.

some other things that cause large problems on recording machines. RealTime player. Quicktime player. norton anything. msn is one of the worst. along with a whole pile of things that set processes running in the background. gama loader, blah blah blah.

my wife has her computer and i have mine, all of the people that come over to our house and visit or whatever, know that to touch my computer means death.

no facebook, no myspace, nothing like that. email done through online secure email trough our website host. and so on.

on the wifes computer, because she deals with the myspace and all other band related things, she uses linux apps that run in windows, i find they are easier to use, less suseptable to hacks, and there are tons of freeware that outdo microsoft. some of my programs that i use for digging out crap out of the reg and other places, i have been using since win 95, they still work, and work better than any micrsoft thingy that has come down the pipe in the past 10 years. cleaning out the registry of invalid entries is a tedious task at the least, i have done it, i know. i have a little program i found for win 95, that still works better and faster. and finds all the history of all the programs that have ever been installed on your computer.

and for the coup de gras, i dont use antivirus software, because i don`t offer the things a way to get onto my computer. anything microsft comes up with as the new improved way of doing things, there is a better way. non microsoft.

this is what i have learned over the years.
having friends that dig up obscure stuff and try it out helps, as well as reading up on all the latest hacks that are ever present in the microsoft world. if linux had better recording programs and a better support for my pro hardware i would go with that. it just works. but they dont and i am stuck in the scenario of recording high end on a low end os. blah blah blah mac. yeah if i could sell my left nut and get a million bucks for it i might get somthing that would be in the range of what i do, but i cant afford 15 grand for the computer and plugins, let alone the external hardware.

lets face it, highend studios afford the highend gear beacause they finance the hell out of it. how many big a room studios have gone under in the past 5 years? capitol records crystal room is now gone ( captain and teniel recorded all thier hits there ) sony in nashville, ( elvis, johnny cash, the list goes way on ) thats just last month. digital recording has hit the home, and lots of people are into doing it themselvs, and like me they cant afford the highend mac stuff, so they are stuck in the same boat. trying to tweak out windows to get the next track to run. thats why i ended up here, thats why lots of people will end up here. i get the how can i tweak windows for recording question all the time. getting into a debate of why it says this and that on microsofts website is not really helping. it`s hindering things.

like me they don`t have the time between recording and working to pay the bills to read what microsoft has to say on this topic or that, they want something that works, and they want it now. that why these things come up on google.

i am ranting because i have read the thread, and to the original reply you came off like a pompus bastard, not to sugar coat it. sure you have a lot of knowledge, but you lack people skills, try something like, i found that this worked better on my machine, rather than, have you even read the microsoft website on what they had to say about it?

i mean the world needs people with big brains, they don`t need people trying to prove they have a big brain. so either help out with some proven tweaks that you in your own experience have come across, microsoft approved or not, and post those. my guess would be that is why the thread was started in the first place.

or just shut up.

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