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Default I don't have two copies...

Yeah, I know, I know...

I did have two copies, temporarily, in two different directories so that I could do what I did, but was harm I eventually killed the whole Windows installation and installed a fresh copy.

I now have the System Restore problem sorted out. As well, the PC-cillin issue. so all's well that may have sounded unwell.

I am only left with the matter of three choices on startup.

1. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition < this one works, and luckily, the system defaults to, and hi-lights this one, so I ignore the time and let it run its course, or just hit enter. Aside from it being annoying, the next command prompt is dead, but is still sitting there.

SO HOW TO KILL IT? Where is it must be in a root file somewhere...because it is not floating around in the general registry.???

2. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition < this is a ghost that I want killed

3. don't recall, unimportant...

Oh, another question... is there any software out there that will amend/write a registry from the "tree" directory that is on the drive... All of the software we are aware of scans the registry first and then tells you what's wrong. I want somehting to go the other way, from the files to the registry, and then fill in the blanks in the registry with what's out there in the real world.

Any ideas???

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