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The reason I sound authoritative is because I have already researched this and all the sources are provided which mainly go to Microsoft. I am simply trying to prevent people from wasting their time and even worse slowing down their system.
this is quite fair, i appreciate an honest answer

Quite comical. Mastertech sounds like he/she's working for the marketing department at Microsoft. Being a programmer, I can't believe that someone states that an application (or an OS for that matter) can only go one way! No matter how hard we try someone will ALWAYS find a path that we didn't realize was possible to take through our code. So does that mean that the originally envisioned path is the best path? NO.
i think you are misunderstanding, there are limitations on applications and OS in general, and it cannot do something that the current code does not allow.
The one way he speaks of, is "not real time" you cannot make standard XP run in real time, it's not possible, it will not keep up, even setting all processes to "real time" is not actually real time.

XP embedded is a good example, the best example of real a time OS is the OS running pace makers and software of the sort, where it is more important that the software work w/ 0% error than having multi-functionality. The time you spend waiting on an application to run, or your computer to restart is the proof of a non real time OS.

There are degrees of RTOS (real time OS... getting tired of typing the whole thing), soft and hard, these define the error and wait time, both are ridiculously quick. The basic idea is that it for the most part correctly predicts and reacts to situations just as you do, running efficient algorithms.


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