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@ Mastertech, yes, there are many misconceptions about the way pagefiles are implemented in Windows. You are completely correct these are myths, good catch
You seem to have a great knowledge in this area, but i do ask that you try to be more "approachable" on the subject, rather than athoritative. There is always room for debate, especially around the windows OS, there is much information that has not been released, and likely never will be from MS.

@above unregistered:
I too love these debates, because everyone thinks they are right, when although some users are more right, it is not always a clear cut right and wrong.
For the most part if you are modifying your pagefile and it happens to increase your speed, etc... there are many other things you should be looking at first. If you are uncomfortable stripping your OS of windows services, you likely should not be playing w/ the pagefile either.
~my 2 cents.


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