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trouble Backing up Vista to a networked machine

Hey guys...heres a real noggin tapper for ya.....

I am trying to backup my 2 laptops (Vista OS) to an external Hard drive, 320GB, that is connected to a Windows XP machine.

When i run windows backup, it gives me the option to backup to a network location, perfect...or so i thunked....i go thru the motions and try to set the settings and when i go to apply it gives me this error

"No Mapping between account names and security IDs was done."

I have tried to get a hotfix from microsoft, but they seem to be taking their time. At least I hope i have requested the correct hot fix.

The hard drive is shared on the XP machine with full access and i can manually move files to and from it. However, this defeats the whole purpose of being able to use the backup feature in Vista and let my computer do an auto backup in the middle of the night when my noggin is in the horizontal position.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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