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a_brewsy 03-18-2006 04:09 PM

has anyone here tried the new wireless network formatt yet
ive read about it and am i right in saying that it is meant to be five times faster than 802.11g

William_Wilson 03-19-2006 01:30 AM

I have not experienced this for myself, but i have read many articles on it myself as well. There are conflicting reports, but the claim is approximatly 200+MB/s through the air.
The technology implements something similar to the Titan transmissions which were recently used, which is an interlaced dual transmission single, so if one single ends up being dropped at a certain point, the other is still there to ensure a strong signal.
I am unsure whether the claims are a maximum, an average, or an exageration due to the strong reliability this new system will have.
Combining this technology with the already implemented technology of micro-type-waves to allow for extreme long distance wireless networks, would be an amazing feat. I have seen this work, as it is implemented as a free service of internet within the range (something ridiculous) of the tower, in a city in British Columbia, Canada. It was at the time the only one of it's kind, especially being free.
It seems only natural that it come along at such a rate, as all other computer related technology is speeding along. The real question isn't can they make it, it's how long will it take to become standard?

a_brewsy 03-19-2006 04:42 AM

thanks for that, you certainly seem to know your stuff

Originally Posted by William_Wilson
The real question isn't can they make it, it's how long will it take to become standard?

i think ive read somewhere that it should be ratified by june/july, does anyone know if this is true or am i just making things up again

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