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Hi Martin

Thank you for replying.
1. The printer model is HP Laserjet 4350dtn.
2. We are using Windows Server 2003 R2 on the server and Windows 2003 SP2 on the workstations.
3. We've always been able to print from Pertax before. Problems started when we upgraded the printer drivers to PCL6 (at the beginning of the year, I think - I don't do the actual upgrading, but it was about then the users started calling me with printing problems). Then I found if they wanted to print to paper other than plain, they had to specify the paper 'type', rather than the tray, through the Print Setup> Properties.
4. There have been updates to the programme and operating system, but none of them seem to have coincided with the printer problems, it seems to be caused exclusively by the drivers.
5. We have experienced a lot of printer problems in other programmes (e.g. printing multiple copies from Excel), ever since we upgraded to PCL6 drivers. This is why we decided to change to the PCL5e drivers. These have solved most of our problems and we intend to change to them exclusively - if we can sort out the Pertax problem, where no matter what tray or paper type you specify, it only prints to draft! These printers are used by numerous people using a variety of programmes, just in case that helps.
I hope that covers everything - please let me know if you need any more information. Thanks.

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