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Default What the scoop troops

Thank you for your response. What I was talking about is you can enter something like star comma in run and it will open the same as what window 2K did with the i386 entry. I just can't remember what the combo is and I can't find my note book. Sometimes I like the way 2K was put together better than XP. I just had a thought! how far back does the forum archives go. I got that info from here when my computer crashed and I needed to see if I had the winnt32 files. And someone here gave me the two characters to enter into run to open all that up. Forgive me but I was run over by a big truck and fractured my skull and have memory problems. So thanks again for your help and if you can find the answer for me I will much appreciate it. Meanwhile I'm going to try and find the original answer in the archives if I can make that work. Thanks again and God bless your day.

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