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Monitor Abort\Re-try\Fail????

To force a failure on the drive and avoid the message, use COMMAND \F.

For the date, change the delims to 1-2 and if you only need to use '-' after the '=' sign as this is how the command separates the values (%%b-%%c)
I don't know what the switch '/t' is for, I can't find it anywhere, and I don't think 'XDATE' works in DOS??????

REM is for recording comments for a batch file or for CONFIG.SYS and you might be better of using the double colon ( :: ) instead for better efficiency.

Try making the directory first, open up the details and view the timestamp on the file by typing C:\dir etc.



P.S. You can't use the symbols 0-9 either as a variable either!!!!!

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