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For the most part this is not a programming forum, though i am unsure if HTML is really considered a programming language to most coders... CSS maybe, JS sure and anything equally complicated.

I post on a couple of popular coding sites, but i do not mention them here as i do not wish to take away from SC as it is a good site, and a great resource in the computer related issues. Perhaps Sammy will consider expanding into a web development category?
For now, if you could post the entire file, with images as a zip or other compressed file, or post a link, It would likely be much easier to diagnose the errrors from the source

*I'm not yankin' your chain either, I really am experienced with HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX, PHP, Perl, and a few others in the web dev department.

I don't know if mhookem agrees, but inline CSS is really something that should be avoided if possible.


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