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I don't want to be selfish and expect a whole web site, syschat, to bend over, but if I were selfish, I could use for it... I have visited many such fora and there appears to be about a 100/1 ratio of the "ig-norant/norant "

I have been "into" computers for many years, but I am just now (in my 60's) getting into this web script stuff, it never interested me before...and only as a means of allieving the frustration of having to deal with a rather unintersting template at my blogs. When I look at other's blogs, some blow you away with their appearance. Obviously they know what they are doing. Some day, I'd like to have my own web I am apprenticing on/in the blogs...self-teaching in the process.

As to editors...I started out with Netscape 7's Composer...a free inclusion with Netscape 7.x. I believe that there may have been earlier versions, but I paid no attention to them.

I mucked about with a few trials, of various progs, but they were all too complicated. I am a visual learner and one who learns by doing...once a "not bad" artist and graphic designer in the hobby world...rtd...teacher. Therefore I like to start out with a blank sheet and create. As the spirit moves me, I then look to do some particular action, but not knowing how, I go and try and find an answer. This is like walking across a raging river by using the available step stones. Finding the most solid step stones has been a chore...but I am getting there.

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