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Default Resurrection...BTTDB

Back from the grave...

I am aware of all that you say already... You may have misunderstood me. That was not my intent. My intent was to find some way of backing up files, still have them useable, yet be in a much reduced size, and in a different location... Yes, a zip or rar would do that, but they would not be operable or useable in those conditions. That is what image technology was supposed to do, I thought. But I am mistaken.

re: the second version I referred to... I suppose that I was under the impression that "you" were suggesting that I load a second version of windows on my slave drive, and in the case of a need to use it, use it! ...but you cannot setup two system32 folders in one computer...and that is what I was referring to, and what you pointed out...

"How can you install a second version on the slave, if the second versions, system32 folder is on the first. You'd have to unplug the first, to load the second, then replug the first to get started, then the registry would be fighting over the first or the second for needed files...does not sound logical to me."

And you point out exactly the reason I thought that way...massive instability! We are of the same mind.


I have also tried to get a hang on how to make an ISO disks. I seem to be ISO challenged. I have wasted a pile of disks but can't get the hang of it. No matter what set of instruction I read and follow (and I have a bunch of them), I screw it up somehow. Backing up is not an issue if you just get back on board, clean up and repair what it was that killed your system. The backups can be harboured anywhere.

Why can't someone just make the entire reboot disk downloadable and bootable, rather then having to go through all that messing about with the ISO business. One only needs the basic stripped down boot files so that a clean boot, and repair, can later be made. Since all XP Home Ed systems are alike, what's the problem?

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