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Default Still wondering...

And thus my query... How can you install a second version on the slave, if the second versions, system32 folder is on the first. You'd have to unplug the first, to load the second, then replug the first to get started, then the registry would be fighting over the first or the second for needed files...does not sound logical to me.

The issue boils down to "what's an image?" Is it a viable electronic bit of a byte, or is it ... well what is it? How much of an image bit = how much of an actual bit? When I think of images, in a media sense, I think of some pretty big files.

Imaging appears to be just a fad, unless some sort of a reasonable explanation can be had for the value of its use in relation to saving space, or whatever...this I cannot find.

As the cloner only clones an image the size of the disk being imaged, would you not need at least a receiver base the same size... Unless you have that, with the security of knowing the image won't go over can't find what it will ultimately end up as.

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