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To configure your symbols in procexp or Windows Debugger go to the appropriate menu, 'Configure Symbols' and copy and paste this line: srv*c:\symbols*Symbol information.

If you want to use Dr.Watson as your default debugger, go to this link, it explains how to correctly install the symbols you downloaded from Microsoft: Set up Dr. Watson for quality system debugging.

Can you confirm that you have run a disc check and a virus/spyware scan in safe mode ( also check if the second instance of explorer.exe is running under safe mode ).

Configure your symbols, and then re-boot and if it's possible, attach the full Dr.Watson log and I'll give you a hand to interpret it.

From what I can see in your post there is a reference in the Raw Stack Dump to an InprocServer32 folder in the registry which could help us find the culprit as it usually contains a reference to the .dll being used and having the symbols correctly configured may show the correct values.

If you work your way around the Microsoft Link in the previous post you should be able to find some references to registry entry settings for either Dr.Watson or you chosen default debugger.



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