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as you may have read from the 1st suggested link, PageOverCommit determines the maximum "swapsize" in inrements of available RAM. The reason you can't start windows is either that there's not enough free diskspace on C: or that even though there seems to be plenty, it's all fragmented and thus unusable for Windows. 1st try making room on the disk: del all TEMp-files you know are TEMP-files, delete files with the extention of SWP, especially one called win386.swp, as this is the logical name of the swap-file and windows will recreate it on startup. If all this doesn't help, edit the SYSTEM.INI file using an ASCII-editor, find the Enhanced386-section and change the PageOverCommit value to something under 4. Once you get Windows up, use some diskdefragmenter-software to defragment the disks!



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