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Ned Erland
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Default Three is a crowd?

Dear William,

Your tutorial has been very helpful and I have been trying to be a good pupil.
After completing al the steps I still haven't succeeded to dual boot Vista and XP.
Maybe I should start by saying that I'm trying it on my Macbook Pro.

I first installed Vista using Bootcamp. This went remarkably smooth! And 'm very pleased with running Vista on my mac. The trouble starts when trying to 'triple' boot with XP. Am I pushing the Mac's Limits?

I'm now actually dealing with 2 problems which if you could only solve one might get me through this sticky phase.

XP's 1st part of the setup goes well [copying files to my 2nd Windows partition, D:].
After the first restart, however, it says: can't find 'hall.dll' in the Windows/system32 folder. When starting up in Vista again, I look for the hall.dll, and this file appears to be in the Windows/system32 folder at both CVista) and DXP) drive!

So I'm not sure why it is complaining about that?

Now my 2nd problem kicks in:
I listed the XP setup as second in the Windows Boot Manager, but my mac keyboard does not seem to respond when the Boot manager window comes up and starts after 7 sec. into Vista again. Weird thing is: sometimes (at random?!) the arrow-down key respons for a split-second, but then the 'enter' does not work, so I'm left to do a hard reset and try again, and again, and again....

If you know how to solve the hall.dll issue, I could list XP as the 1st bootable os, so it will at least finish the XP install.

Thanking you in advance,


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