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Originally Posted by destwrtr View Post

Earlier this week our cable tv and computer were inadvertently disconnected at the cable station. The problem was on their end, they said, and they worked with my son and my wife to get us back online. But our laptop will not go online.
The signal is great, but we've not hooked something up right, or the router is going bad. My feeling is that we have not hooked something up right, because the router is only around a year old.
Right now I just have the modem hooked up to the computer for this main computer to be up and online. Can you point me in the right direction?


ok here a some tips to get back your router alive

first switch off your pc and disconnect all cable connected to your internet
switch off your modem and your router together,
remove your cable connected to your modem in 10 seconds also in router too
connect all together, cable from your modem and cable going to router, and from router to pc & on power.modem router....
wait your modem until all lights is on
on your pc and log in

off your wireless then restart your pc
log-in and on your wireless wait until self connected if not
goto to wire less properties click advance click TCP/IP properties and set in default. and click ok

hope it work for


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