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Originally Posted by Firefox View Post
I cant disable the software that came with the wireless adaptor as its a driver / software together job. If I disable it then it also disables the adaptor. How do I go about disabling Windows wireless?

It has started disconnecting every 20 minutes but I have to unplug the adaptor and plug it back in again for it to work, then windows tells me that I have a new wieless network available, and joins automatically. After about 20 minutes it disconnects, saying no network available. The signal strengh is excellent all the time and speeds are 56Mbps.

It is really annoying me as I kinda need the wireless to work because have wires around means my 11 months old son can (and always does) pull them about.

My network key is written on my router and stays in the settings.
Check the website of the company who made the wireless card. Check for an updated driver there.
I'd stick with linksys products, less conflicts.

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