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Plugin Hardware Problems

Originally Posted by clwaterson View Post
I may have finally solved the monitor problem.

I purchased an upgraded video card and installed it. Now when the monitor comes up it goes into digital mode, rather than analog, automatically and we don't seem to be having the problem of the monitor cutting out.

If you are still having problems, try that. It had never occurred to me that only having the video card that comes on the motherboard would not be sufficient.

Hello, if you ever have any other hardware problems like this again, the best thing to do is to go through the process of elimination and start by replacing each piece of hardware (borrow the parts from a friend if you can). This can help you to find the culprit e.g. a cracked wire in your monitor cable or a troublesome graphics card, if this doesn't give you any results then the next place to start looking would be the software, i.e. start looking at your drivers and rolling back or updating them. Or removing recently installed software, setting a system restore point after new installations is very useful, if you start experiencing problems with your system just go back to a restore point and see if it resolves the problem. It's always a good idea to check for any compatibility issues before purchasing anything for your PC, the retailers can only vouch for the piece of equipment your buying, without knowing what else your using with your system they can be completely unaware about any problems you may have. But if you let them know as much as you can before buying it gives you a good chance of returning the item and getting a refund or replacement.



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