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Originally Posted by Risherz View Post
Well, it is possible to install an operating system on an external drive, like Will said, if it uses USB it is possible, but I wouldn't recommend using USB, since it won't be as fast as a regular hard drive.

So you can't really get the usual speed from that operating system. I'd say its best to put the operating system on a normal internal drive and keep all the files on the external one, since the operating system itself (if it is a fresh install) won't take all that much space.
yeah, i agree with that, but from experience with a motherboard that does boot from USB, xp/vista doesnt tend to like the fact that you did, plus its not practical as you have said so install the OS on an internal, then copy all files or install all programs using the D:\, E:\, ,or F:\ depending on your configuration.

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