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trouble Unknown Router Issue

Yesterday i got some unknown issue with my computer, the portforwarding
for my router have stopped obey me no matter what i do, and have keep doing it seens, no P2P software works at all, but browsing the web works as usual
i have created a static IP for the portforwarding. and are using the same number-values as 2 days ago when it worked
only differene is i have reinstalled my OS

here is a guide to portforward my router
Port Forwarding for the Thomson/Alcatel SpeedTouch 780
have done this exactley as the guide suggest, as i have done it before a million times without eperiences any problems untill now

i know it will be impossible for you to help me with this, if you cant see my settings, so here comes all the settings i allways use thath usually works...untill yesterday (maximize the link windows fully)

here is a pic how my ipconfig looks without static ip activated

here is a pic how my ipconfig looks after portforwarding (current!)

windows settings (current!)

network deviced (1-2 of these is just soundcard adapters)

in deep view

this is ovisoly the right device? but should it really be ethernet?

and the ports i have setted to Unknown-00-16-0a-05-14-98 for in this case Emule is the same as the settings inside Emule...if we summe all this up, does it make any sense thath the port test us failing??

Emule Port Test

Testing IP: (
Starting TCP connection test...
TCP test failed! UDP test will not be performed is my real IP
it feels like the computer maybe refuse to understand thath it should be
my static IP ( it should have connected to in this test? ore how does it work??

i see 2 things thath offcorse happend yesterday thath just whas ment to confuse and screw things up for me in my effort to to find out the real causer-element

*I hade hughe problems loging in to my router yesterday
still no one knows why...afterwards its possible thath the problems started,
have no evidence thou

*I have just reinstalled my OS (2 times in the same day)
it only started to appear after installing Win XP the second time (same time-period as the router starting to refuse logging in..have no evidence thou and a possible memory loss when it comes to time)

is ther any settings issues?

any ideas is higly appretiated/Kloppstock

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