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Thanks for ur reply.. ok didn´t know those things were normal as ít´s what I´ve read on various sites that those files were part of the virus!
Ok, well the virus checkers hasn´t found the virus again since, which is a good sign, also everything seems normal. There are just a few files which I´d like to check with u if thats ok.. I know some of them might be obviously normal to u but just bear with me.
in C\Windows, there is explorer.exe, it has a computer/monitor icon, and it opens a window with "my documents". That seems ok, but next to it there´s another file that says simply explorer, no visible file extension, and the file type says "Windows Explorer Command". The icon is a folder.
The other one is Windows.Shell.Manifest, which I´m not sure what type of file it is.
In WIndows\system32, there is cdplayer.exe.manifest, and exe2bin.exe sapi.cpl.manifest and wvavcpl.cpl.manifest. It says the file type is MANIFEST.
If I open the task manager window, in the processes tab, I´ve got two svchost.exe processes running, is that normal?
Also I´ve got Explorer.EXE with the "exe" in capital letters. What do u think?
Thanku in advance for ur help..

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