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Default Hard drive question, sort of operating system problem

Ok i have windows xp service pack 2 on 2 hard drives.
My computer specs were
1.3 ghz
512+256 memory sticks
250 gig hard drive with windows xp service pace 2

My computer was working for a while. While it was in the shop i took the hard drive out trying to access someof the files
and the computer would reconize the harddrives but with both of them it would just go to a blank screen with a blanking _

The computer specs of one of them were
Hp pavilion xe734
600mhz Cpu

The other computer i tried was a computer with
200mhz cup
128 memory

Is there a way i can get my hard drive reconized on either of those machines, is it something with the boot records? could i change this?

The hard drives are both maxter and one came with maxblast 3 software

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