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Default Another question or two...

What is an "association key" ...I've heard of registration keys and activation keys...

If you have this : "Internet Security Association Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP)" on your hard drive, then it may be beyond our ability to help ...a google search for this exact string coughs up some interesting reading... also visit Wikipedia for a summary: Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Are you working in a "government" environment, or on a gov. site, or at a site where security is a high priority?

Are the contents of your computer, protected by any laws, of any level of government?

If so, then I don't think this forum would/could meet your needs...

If not...

Have you been unable to access the hard drive?

Have you been unable to apply any file reclamation programs?

To what degree of success have your reached?

Have you tried a hammer

P/S ...whenever I assist a client who uses a DELL, they have been good at helping over the phone. As far as I know, that is the only way you can access they have no store-front operations, that I know of...bummer...

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