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Page Find Cannot open government of canada websites

You have obviously got a trojan.

If I am right in saying you are using Aliant to connect to the internet, I have had a look under the 'Help & Support' section and they are saying that you do not need to use the DNS settings.

Although even if disabling this option bypassed the trojan you would still have the trojan on your computer.

As is quite common you may have an unwanted .dll in your system32 folder which keeps replacing the problem after an attempt to fix it with some of the software you've tried.

I've had a bit of a look around and some other people are suggesting some more software called Fixwareout.exe

Personally I don't think downloading all sorts of anti-spyware is the best thing to do in the long-run. It's always better to try and work it out yourself so that you can begin to learn where to look if you get another infection.

Only several months ago I managed to click on a link that instantly downloaded some spyware that had the cheek to direct me to a site that had the software needed to remove the spyware ( at a cost of about $30! )

I found a nice little program called procexp, you can use it to look at all the processes currently running on your computer and any .dlls' etc. that are linked to the process ( including you internet connection ).

It even highlights images that are 'packed' which is a good indication of some spyware that is trying to hide itself within an encrypted image.***plorer.mspx

As I mentioned above, I've had a look around and most people seemed to be using a great list of software to find some 'out of place' objects then fixing them.

Every body has to do the same thing when dowloading some malicious software that's trying to hide, use the process of elimination, corner the culprit and blast it out of the water!!

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