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Originally Posted by William_Wilson View Post
just a thought, but if you remove winmx and the problem goes away, it will tell you what the problem was. I would like to point out that just because you installed it, doesn't mean it can't be spyware. Thousands of people installed programs like Kazaa or iMesh a few years back everyday, and both were filled with viruses and spyware, as well as a large percentage of the files available on both programs.
the difference between Kazaa, Imesh and Winmx is thath "Winmx bears a spyware infestation" is just a myth..the others accualy doing it
Winmx is my motivation for fixing this lol..cause i can live with the fact thath i can't acces webpages for 30 seconds somethimes..but this disconnection both affects DC++ and Winmx as primary

but if Winmx whas a spyware then todays winmx community would not even exist and all chatrooms inside would be empty..seens everyone would loose their connection if thei used this patch and winmx is a pure trading P2P network, so it would not work, but thats not the case luckily! the winmx users of today are accually experience a healthy winmx..i have seen it and why would this "trojan" only kill my connection of 1000 of people?
and why did Winmx work with my old computer :: MXPie Patch Connection Help :: Still Loosing connection with a new 100 % working Router

Part 2: Loosing that connection

but its an delete these hosts..and add them again from 1 of the "connection patches" to be sure thath all old entries are removed from the other patch (i have tested both of them pretty often you see)
cause its 2 different groups thath provide a winmx connection solution with 2 different patches..
now im gonna sound a litte ruff here but can we leave the winmx trail now? and choose another

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