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Default Is VISTA just an XP rehash?

I wonder if the previous writer might expand a bit on the logic of how VISTA can be that short-sighted. I like to understand the machinations behind an operation before I go to the trouble of trying it. Oh, and what advantage is there to going this route? What does it really accomplish? I'm not trying to be offensive, just inquisitive. I always like workarounds, if they are kosher

I hope this is legal...otherwise, the whole kit and kaboodle will shut down. VISTA has the itchiest trigger finger of any WINDOWS version, the slightest anomoly anywhere, and zappo! you're dead in the water... at least that is what some gurus are reporting and what few know about. I just caught a television show on this very topic Sunday afternoon...scaaaaaarrrrrrrry!!!

BEFORE jumping to VISTA do your on-line research. Do a google for "Vista critique criticism problems bugs" etc., you know the routine. Just don't jump into something you know too little about. From what I have heard on some techie sites, it is still suffering growing pains...and has even been "cracked" in the OEM version at some some enterprising Chinese youths...ever the pesky ones

Hey don't shoot the messenger, just do your research before laying out that money Have a nice day

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