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Originally Posted by ranger11258 View Post
Firstly may i take this opurtunity to say hello to you all,

My problem , i bought an laptop with the operating system already installed on the hard drive,now ,if the hard drive gets corrupted or decides to fail how do i copy my win xp oerating sytem to another hard drive ?system is win media centre edition.

thank you
Did you get any recovery CD's with the Laptop? Those would have the operating system on them. The other item is to check your Start/Programs area and see if there is a System Recovery option. This will point to a secure partition on your laptop that contains all your pre-installed software and drivers. There should be an option to create a set of recovery CD's or DVD's that would be used to rebuild your system incase you have a failure such as corupted system files or drivers or applications.

You can also check out the website for your laptop manufacturer for information on this subject.

Hope this helps a bit.

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