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here is the story. as i've said before i not wealthy, but i've decided to do this because my computer rates pretty high on my priority list. i feel as long as i've chosen to do this i might as well do it the best as i can. so if any of your suggestions fit into my budget, i'm willing.
i bought my comp. almost five years ago from dell and didn't know a thing, so i just went along with they suggested. i only had 256mb of ram and started having a lot of blue screens saying that a serious error has occurred and windows was shut down. i have a real neat service with m.s. it was a promo that allows me to talk with a tech. for unlimited amounts of time as long as it applies to windows, they're all located in canada. it was one of the techs that told me the problem could be caused from not having enough ram. so i installed another seven hundred something the other night. as i said i do a lot of surfing and sometimes have many programs open. i guess that's where ram comes in?
(i sure am wordy.) the bottom line i guess is if i feel the choices i make are worth the money to me i'll do it. i'd rather get what's best for me than be sorry and disappointed after the fact.
can you recommend a sight that's good for pricing items. another thing i thought of after reading your reply is that it sounds better to buy independent cards rather that everything being incorporated in the motherboard. it's probably easier and cheaper to replace individual pwa's.

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