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Default Thank you

Hi William;
Listen, it is indeed very good of you people to try and help me and I appreciate the help very much.
I am terrified of messing this computer up any more than it is.
You see I am not very computer literate, oh sure I can surf the net, manage my affairs and other stuff. But, when a problem like this happens, I'm out in left field.
Anyway, I can get into the system files,(windows 32etc.) and open it in notepad, but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

It's crazy! just the government sites won't open.
I hate to be a PITA and if you people are frustrated with the time I'm taking up, then please feel free to disregard.
I want you to know that your efforts to help have been respectfully appreciated.
When it comes to computers I'm like a third grader and need everything written down for me
Cheers and good on Ya!