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Good point Wilson. Good point. However?........come on. I mean if you want to impress meeeee?......... minority report (movie with badass computer imagination used) would have been the layout.
I dont git what you mean? you ask>? 2Advanced v5 - Attractor would be a good corporate example, these ppl have been doing things advanced for years, and I bet money, they could do it with under half the cpu usage vista uses. In short, don't defend these ppl. They should be ashamed of themselves, advancement should mean efficiency. A system that does more using less, should be the goal, but the problem is Microsoft has there hands in so many hardware manufactorers cookie bowls they have become stuck. Nvidia motherboards, Nvidia graphics cards, Asus cards, motherboards, etc, all the game software developers, ($$$$$$$). The point is, maybe I should* just admit that this is the way the world is, maybe I should just lie to myself to make being raped easier, but then again?..........naw....fug dat.
And really?....isn't this the problem with the world?......government parties have there hands lent out to lobbiest, for payouts and cooperation,.....that isn't much different then the way creative*, Asus, gaming companies, and all sorts of companies have helped Microsoft along the way of superpower by complying there hardware and softward to Microsoft OS. Vista is just microsofts way of returning the favors out they owe these corporations. Oh my?...........did I just rant.?........

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