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xDAMIENx wrote:
...(do you have made by microsoft on your butt?) however, even though you sound just like one of micro's cronies,......
You couldn't be more wrong ,there are not many companies that I despise more than M$ ,for numerous reasons.
(Too long to list for this post )
I also run several Linux distros.
The reasons I use XP, is for compatibility.I also help people with their PCs,
but not on a professional basis.

I did try Vista in a virtual machine ....
Well that was obviously a big mistake.You were running 2 OSs at the same time and
unless you were on a top of the line machine,you wouldn't fare
very well,considering the load that Vista puts on a PC.
Anyway,you being a service tech explains why you're stooping down to use it

BTW thanks for the linx in your previous post.
One thing I don't get here is how did you manage to post before me?
Did you change the timezone or is there something wrong with the message queue?
I posted 1½ hrs after your first post.Your 2nd post did not appear until 3 hrs after,which also was the time I received the email that a new msg was posted.
What gives?You may not know since you don't control the msg board or do you? Haha

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