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Alright, look. People ask all sorts of questions about "Can I partition, and run this, with this,? And can I put xp on a vista ready computer?."
The answer is simple, Yes. You can do anything period, the possibilities are endless, Whether it be a 2007 laptop or a 2000, you can always put an older OS system on it. It's all a scam really, they make factory settings that conform to the devil "Vista" standards, just to trick the average PC user into thinking they cant still use our beloved XP.
Bios, Bios, Bios. Simple changes can usually fix these problems. Why these factory morons are going to sell a pc with an operating system that barely works yet, and not give you an XP option from the git?....In short I'm flipping them the bird. It's all propaganda and if uber-geeks thought microsoft was the devil before?.......jeesh.
Well, as a side note, I'm a bit of an uber-geek, and I want to let you know something, of right now, there is not an option other then Aero that cant be added to xp. And Xp will run these same options at a cpu idle value of 1 percent. Where as on my pc, in vista it runs it at 24 percent idle. Come on folks !!!!!!!!!!......I bought Vista like an idiot !!!!......Just becouse it's new?.....doesnt mean its better. And goodness gracious, this is the worst !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! operating system I've personally ever seen.
Thank you

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