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Default Email - Firewall & Internet Connection

Verizon is my Internet provider.

I have called them a few times but I get frustrated because they have not resolved my issues after logging into my computer for a long periods of time.

1. I do not know how to setup a safe domain. I do not receive email from anyone using my companies email domain or a couple of other companies. Verizon says the issue is with my company. Our IT person says it is on Verizon’s side. Another employee does receive mail on a Verizon account from our company.

2. I work from home and have my home computer and laptop connected to the Internet using the Verizon router. The home computer keeps coming up Network cable unplugged. I took the computer for repair and the shop had no problems getting on the Internet. I could not get on the Internet at all before taking the computer to repair. I tried the cable from the laptop on the computer and it did not work. I also tried having only the one computer on the Internet. The repairman changed some settings on my firewall and I can now get on the Internet but it is in and out. It keeps popping up the local area connection speed then network cable unplugged. I don’t have problems with the laptop.

3. I use Zone Alarm for a firewall. It keeps coming up saying new network found. I had to setup the new network assuming it is for my laptop three times this morning. I have no idea how to determine if the network is indeed for the laptop or if a hacker is trying to get into my computer.


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