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Originally Posted by b1caez01 View Post
Some info first...

1. did you buy it new...
2. why can you not get the password needed from the person you bought it from...
3. what can the computer do...what functionalities are still operable...
4. do you have access to another computer that can download software...
5. do you have access to the computer's burner option...
6. do you have the original install disks for the OS...either OEM or MS...
7. how would you qualify yourself as a computer user...
8. are afraid of the registry...
9. if it is a MS and not an OEM computer, then why have you not contacted the MS tech help service...
10 do you like coffee
1. I did not buy it new, second hand computer.
2. I bought the computer from a company who close the doors and the personal have been all filed and I don't even know who was the former user. The service in charge of saling the equipment don't even have a knowledge of computers.
3. The computer has windows XP P2, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Driver Genius Professional Edition, Java Web Start, Offfice 2003, Packet Tracer3.2, Saga, USB Serial cable driver, AVG Antivirus instalated.
4. I have acces to other computer that can downlod software.
5. As I am an user with limited rights I cannot update, make changes or install any software on this computer.
6. I have original Ms windows xp p2 CD
7. I can install all programs in new computer or fromatted disk and code with Foxplus commands for small applications writing procedures and menus.
8. I can not make changes in the registry and I am not familiar with the content.
9. I did not either contact the Ms Help services for any troubleshooting before and I don't want to jump into questions of registration and other request from MS.
10. Thanks a lot for the coffee. I will probably send you some beans because we are producer.

best and warm regards

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