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You will need a computer with a cd drive to burn the cd and thus run it, i have tried using virtual PC, but it seems to have issues creating a bootable partition.

it is a .iso file, this is an image file, basically it is a single file to represent an entire cd. Nero, Easy CD Creator or any other good cd burning software will allow you to burn the image. Do not burn it as a data cd with the .iso file.

Having only 1 IDE channel could be an issue, but you can work around it. basically by channel 1, it means the first hdd slot, the cd drive and hard drive shouldn't be on the same cable, but it sounds like this may be your case?
*Yes you need to change the boot order to boot from cd first

If the cd is burned properly and in the cd drive (which is connected) with the boot order starting with cd, you will be asked to boot from cd press a key and DOS will start loading.

Yes a standard IDE cable has 3 connectors, 1 for the mobo, and 2 channels, the first is the one on the very end is channel 1, and the other is channel 2, you re-arrange this time so that you can load your normal OS with the laptop drive as a slave, which is bootable, but should not be recognized as such during your desktop's boot.


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