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Default help please with details

Dear William,
Can i use this procedure for a desktop computer with only 1 ide slot on main board??only has HDD it has no place for cdrom or floppy disk. i can understand some steps for others pls cud you elaborate , assist with further details--thankyou v much

*If you have not burned a copy of DOS 7.10 yet, do that first, you will need it before moving the hardware!
>>>>>> How do i copy this/ burn it with nero is okay ? only the iso file or something else too ,

*With the DOS cd in the drive

- switch the laptop drive to IDE 1 channel 1 for best chance of detection, DOS is not the smartest OS ever made
>>>>> do i have to change the boot sequence in bios?
to boot from cd ?

power up and install DOS 7.10 when prompted. IT is your choice to add or not add all the extras with DOS, these will not affect your installation either way!
>>>>> how to install dos i dont get prompted anything, only say remove disk and press any key

shutdown the computer and rearrange the laptop drive such that it is on IDE1, channel 2 again. so that you can boot into the OS (psobably XP) on your desktop.
>>>> by channel 2 you mean as slave drive correct?
I suppose if you reply questions above i cud follow the rest

thnaks a million in advance william